about us

The Calènder Brewery is born in the heart of Salento, home to some of Italy's loveliest towns and cities and land of excellence for the culinary products of Apulia. The attention for the raw ingredients, which has always distinguished our territory, is a remnant we are proud of and that we pursue while respecting quality and craftsmanship.

the tradition

Beer is one of the most ancient beverage in human history, dating back to 3500 B.C. or earlier. Times change, but we in the Calènder Brewery care about preserving the tradition.

All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and refermented in the bottle. We only use the best ingredients, personally selected by our Brewmaster, without the addition of preservatives or additives of any kind. One specific feature is our small-scale artisanal process, which does not affect the organoleptic qualities of the beer, preserving the appearance, odour and taste. All the good nutrients of our craft beers are right in the bottle, thanks to the absence of the “filtering” and “pasteurizing” phases.

With the Calènder beers we aim to satisfy even the most demanding customer, providing the highest quality products, entirely artisanal and natural.

our history

Who’s behind the Calènder Brewey? We are proud to underline how our family-style approach is what sets us apart from our competitors. Each one of us plays a key role, based on passions and inclinations.
The story of our brewery begins almost ten years ago when, after living for years Giuseppe’s long-lasting interest for craft beer and its production, the rest of the family decided to take part in his passion.
We develop a basic plant for the domestic production, which contributed to increase our curiosity and encouraged us to learn more and more about craft beer’s production.
The rudimentary machinery was short lived, because after a few months we upgraded to more evolved systems, creating a small “brewery” in an empty apartment, with rooms dedicated to boiling, others to fermentation and storage.
Commitment and dedication led us to a clear awareness: beer’s production is a science, you cannot improvise.
During the last ten years, we studied anything that was related to craft beer, chemical processes and production’s optimisation. We attended classes and courses in Italy, Belgium and Germany, but, foremost, we experimented.
We tested almost forty different typologies of beer, we tried to modify the combinations of cereals, hops and aromas and, in 2015, we noticed that the moment to share our knowledge and experiences had come.
Then, in June 2016, the Calènder Brewery has come to life.

Why “Calènder”?
Our brewery, as our family, is in Tuglie, a small town with a population of 5000, about 40km from Lecce.
Tuglie’s coat-of-arms features a “calandra lark” in the centre, a little bird that nests on the trees of our lands (called “tuje”). The name Calènder, calandra in latin, is meant to pay tribute to our town, roots and traditions.

particolare impianto


Our beers are meant to be as representative as possible of our territory, Salento, always having in mind the fundamental basis of a proper craft beer.
In order to be able to write “craft beer” on the label, the Italian law itself requires some mandatory conditions: the beer has to be unfiltered, unpasteurized and refermented in the bottle.
The absence of the “filtering” and “pasteurizing” phases ensures that all the nutritional properties and organoleptic qualities of the Calènder craft beers are best preserved.
A Calènder craft beer is richer, more fragrant and more easily digestible.

By choosing Calènder you will be sure to enjoy a completely artisanal beer, produced using only the best ingredients from Italy and from the world.
All our beers are unique, perfect for an informal occasion, like a dinner with your friends, as well as for a special event, like a romantic meal with your beloved.
Our beers are not meant to be an alternative to commercial beers, we in the Calènder Brewery are aiming to give a choice to someone who wants something truly special, different from the usual and average bottle of wine.

Calènder beer’s formats are bottles of 50 cl, 75 cl and kegs of 20L.



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Come visit us!
If you’d like, you can come visit us at our brewery and see with your own eyes how our production works and verify yourself how we care about it! Send us an e-mail, call us or contact us through the socials to schedule a 100% free visit.
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