Let yourself be conquered by a unique Weisse, produced using the finest barley malt and one of the best wheat in the world: the Senatore Cappelli, introduced and grown in the lands of Salento since the early 1990s. A wheat containing very high percentages of lipids, amino-acids, vitamins and minerals, which nutritional properties and organoleptic qualities are preserved by the Calènder’s entirely artisanal production process.
The robust carbonation, the iconic aroma and the sweet fruity notes, make Calènder Janca the perfect choice in combination with red meats, sausages, seafood recipes, salads and fruit desserts.
Calènder Janca is the result of a long and delicate research carried out by our Brewmaster who, over the course of seven years, has selected the best ingredients and matches. Thanks to him, we can now offer you a product which is not just a beer, it is an experience.

Why is it called “Janca”?
“Janca” in Salentino dialect means “white”, as well as “weisse” means “white” in German.