Calènder Anemos is the best choice for those seeking a light, clean and well-balanced beer. The robust taste of the malt leads to a refreshing and pleasantly softened ending.
Anemos can be the ideal companion for bruschetta, tarts, white and red meats, pizza and focaccia.
Calènder Anemos is a craft beer in Kölsch-style, made using not only the best Italian ingredients, but the best in the world. Starting with barley and wheat malts and finishing with hops, the original American and German ones.
The extraordinary qualities of these unique ingredients are preserved by the Calènder’s entirely artisanal production process. First try and then trust!

Why is it called “Anemos”?
“Anemos” in Greek means “wind”, one of the three elements (along with sun and sea) that characterize the Salento area.