IGA (Italian Grape Ale)

Calènder Rubra is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a beer with a firm character and a full flavour. The wine must gives it an unmistakable aroma and a fruity aftertaste.
It is a beer with a soft structure and a vigorous hop taste, the latter granting a pronounced bitterness, which contrasts and, at the same time, underlines the sweet notes from the grape must.

The unique characteristics of our Rubra are enhanced matching it with red meat, risotto, barbecue, cold cuts and medium-ripening cheese.

Unlike the light beers, Rubra should be drank at a bit higher temperature, between 9 and 10°C, to better appreciate the hints from the wine must and the malt.

Then, Calènder Rubra is an Italian Grape Ale (IGA), the sole Italian style officially recognised and inserted in the BJCP, the official catalogue which certifies and ranks beer styles.

Why is it called “Rubra”?
“Rubra” in Latin means “red”, the colour which represents and distinguishes our special creation.