IGA (Italian Grape Ale)

The crown jewel among the Calènder beers, Primitiva is an Italian Grape Ale (IGA), the only Italian style officially inserted in the BJCP, the catalogue which certifies and ranks beers.
Primitiva is produced with four different varieties of barley malt (pale, roasted and caramelised), two different species of hop and a unique final ingredient: the must of Primitivo di Manduria DOC wine.
The right amount of Primitivo’s must, added during the last phase of the fermentation, gives to our Calènder Primitiva a unique and unmistakable aroma: the perfect combination between the hops’ bitterness and the Primitivo’s smoothness.
Calènder Primitiva is a structured beer, which qualities can be best appreciated in combination with red meat, meat or fish-based risotto, roasted vegetables, cold-cuts and medium-ripening cheese.
Primitiva represents a bridge between two worlds to all appearances deeply different, the wine and the beer ones. Yet Primitiva is indeed a beer, in all its aspects, made even more precious by the finest qualities of an extraordinary wine.

Why is it called “Primitiva”?
With this beer we wanted to pay our tribute to one of the best-known products of our land, the Primitivo di Manduria wine.